A downloadable game for Windows

Simple golf game inspired by the 2D golf games of the late 80s, like NES Open Tournament Golf.

It includes 3 courses, 18 holes each.



  • 2, 3 - change club
  • W, E - change backwards spin
  • F1 - view green
  • F2 - view minimap
  • TAB - show score
  • ARROWS - move camera


  • LEFT BUTTON  - hit ball (3-click swing)
  • RIGHT BUTTON - center camera


Although the game is listed as a prototype, I will make improvements to the core concept and fix bugs.

The archive comes bundled with a Java 17 Runtime Environment.


golf-20230210-win64-jre.zip 30 MB
Golf Guide.pdf 508 kB

Install instructions

  1. Unpack the archive
  2. Double-click on the golf.bat file to start the game


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Fun! It does scratch the 2D top down golf itch. My only suggestion I feel the need to make is that putting the skip button on F11 was maybe not the best move as I can't full screen the game. Thanks for making it and uploading it!

Thanks for playing! I removed the key binding and uploaded a new version, but unless you have some way of forcing the application to go into full screen, F11 won't do much ...

cool i play this game

i will play it right now lets try