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DeckRL is a tile-based puzzle game inspired by traditional roguelikes.

You start at the center of the level. You can move in all 8 directions, one tile at a time. Depending on the tile that you click on:

  • You can pick up useful items like health and magic potions. There are items that improve your attack and defense score, as well as your maximum capacity for health and magic. There is also gold to collect.
  • You can use magic on certain tiles to help you out of tricky situations. The effect of the magic depends entirely on the object that you use it on.
  • You have to fight against monsters of varying difficulties, unless you can avoid it.
  • You will occasionally run into traps or walls.

Whenever you move, new tiles will spawn behind you. Keep an eye on your stats and think carefully about your next moves.

Once you have collected enough gold, a door and one or more keys will appear. Collect the keys and head to the door to exit the level. The levels get increasingly more difficult.


  • LEFT-CLICK to move
  • RIGHT-CLICK to use magic
  • F5 to restart the game


Although the game is listed as a prototype, I will make improvements to the core concept and fix bugs.


Loveable Rogue by surt [CC0-1.0]

The archive comes bundled with a Java 11 Runtime Environment.


deckrl-20201008-win64-jre.zip 30 MB
DeckRL Hints.pdf 126 kB

Install instructions

  1. Unpack the archive
  2. Double-click on the deckrl.bat file to start the game

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